The Man of the Minivan

First off, thanks for visiting. I know that there are plenty of other websites where you could be wasting your time, so I’m honored that you’ve temporarily selected mine to burn valuable minutes off of your life. My name is Chris, and I am a fortunate father of three boys, a husband to a wonderful wife, and human companion to an overweight miniature schnauzer. In my free time (insert sarcastic laugh here), I enjoy writing, photography, exercising (insert second sarcastic laugh here), and spending time with my family.

As far as what I write about, don’t look for anything consistent. However, if you are one of those ‘detail-oriented’ folks, you’ll probably sense a pattern of parenthood, current events, self-help (as in, ‘I help myself by ‘x”), and my opinion. This is an outlet for me, first and foremost, so I apologize in advance if what you see here isn’t up-to-par with your literary or grammatical standards.

However, if you are one of those folks that appreciates what I’m delivering here, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or drop me a line. It’s always nice to network with like-minded individuals.

- Chris

  1. Doane said:

    Hey Chris….what’s going on. I hope you and the boys are well. Haven’t heard from you in a while. Miss you guys! Hope you have a great holiday too!

  2. Chris,
    I enjoy your blog so I have given you the One Lovely Blog Award (

    • Chris said:

      Thank you, sir! Much appreciated :)

  3. duff114 said:

    Love your blog!! In fact I love it so much that I have nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”!!! Congratulations!!! If you go to my blog, you will see directions on how to post your badge and the “rules” that go with it! Again, congrats and keep up the good work!!!

    • Chris said:

      Thank you, thank you! :) I appreciate it! One of these days I’m going to have to figure out all about the award and whatnot. That is, between diapers, feedings, and all that ‘parenting’ stuff ;)

  4. Chris, you and your minivan crack me up. Which is why I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. Stop by to check out the details. Congrats!

    • Chris said:

      Thanks a bunch – I appreciate it! :)

  5. Hello again:-) Even if you have attained the dizzy heights of “just pressed” status, here’s a humble nomination for the sunshine blogger award :

    • Chris said:

      Thanks a bunch ;)

  6. We have two miniature schnauzers! Love the breed!!

    • Chris said:

      Excellent! Ours isn’t so miniature anymore, but she’s happy and sweet to the kids, so we’re all set there! :)

  7. Just found you on FP, congrats. Love what I’ve read so far, so following along. You are a man after my own heart – parenting wise that is. My 3 boys are all older, but still… ‘boys will be boys’ lol!! sorry, had to say that,although i hate the term.

    • Chris said:

      Thank you! :) lol – It’s ok, I’ll overlook the ‘boys will be boys’ comment ;) haha

  8. You have the family dynamics my husband and I hope for one day. Three boys and a schnauzer : )
    Still working on the last two boys, and maybe when we get a bigger place, we’ll get the dog… Blessings to your family.

    • Chris said:

      Thanks Mama Bear – our miniature schnauzer is anything but, considering that she circles under the twins’ for food that they (graciously) drop on the floor. Have a great day! :)

  9. I have enjoyed your last few posts!

    I nominated (awarded?) you for The Versatile Blogger award.

    • Chris said:

      Thanks Michaela :) I appreciate it. I will have a look at this when I get a free moment to have a thought ;) I hope all is well!

  10. Diane said:

    Welcome Back! I enjoyed the post as usual. :-)

  11. Diane said:

    where are the blog posts? we haven’t seen one in a while. :-(

    • Chris said:

      Been really busy, but just posted one that I had floating around in my head for a bit. Enjoy!

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