The Happiest Day Of Our Lives

The new ‘ride’.

Many folks put the birth of their first born child as the happiest moment of their lives…

… others put their wedding day …

However, after many, many months of frustration….

…. headache medication …

…. and heart palpitations …

I am elated to show you the following footage:

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  1. Cretin said:

    That is beautiful, oh the joy I could have had a dozen years ago…

    • Chris said:

      Thanks! :) Fun times… all of this tech stuff..

  2. Oh, I remember that stroller! Whoever sits in the front gets to be kicked repeatedly, and screams the entire time… Ahh, the memories… :)

    • Chris said:

      haha! Yeah, they already kick the crap out of one another. So far, so good — but I’m sure that they’ll figure it out eventually .. then I’ll complain ;)

  3. Hahahaha, you blew up the stroller!! I was actually waiting for someone to run over with said minivan… wish I’d had the sort of pram you now have when my kids were little.. it’s the bloody Bentley of child sized wheels :)

    • Chris said:

      Thanks Jennifer! :) Indeed I did. I will say, though, that it is quite amazing the amount of strollers out on the market nowadays. The particular stroller that we purchased was actually very reasonable in terms of price, given the amount of practical ‘stuff’ it has. Some of the other ones were basically a seat with a name, and the price was outrageous. Anyhow, I’m just glad the other stroller is history.

      • :)

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