Happy Birthday, USA! Let’s EAT!

Our hotdog eating ‘champion’. USA! USA!

While most folks are turning their digits into projectiles mishandling fireworks on the Fourth of July, a group of us Americans get together at Coney Island for a ‘world famous’ event. Yes, folks, it’s the Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship…

… I’m surprised Michelle Obama hasn’t shit all over this event yet…

I appreciate a good old fashion Nathan’s hot dog. They’re pretty tasty, they work well watching a baseball game, and they   are awesome when grilled. However, the idea of seeing someone down as many Nathan’s Hot Dogs within a ten minute timeframe sort of takes the whole ‘treat’ out of eating one….

… and the thought of eating 68 of them… YES… 68… within TEN DAMN MINUTES?!?!  (gag)…. wait… hold on…. (gag)… I’ll be right back…

Anyhow, how does one aspire to be an ‘eating champion’?

Mom/Dad: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Son/Daughter: I want to be the person shoving hot dogs down my throat and then vomit into a pail afterwards for a cash prize.

Mom/Dad: Well son/daughter, I support you 110% percent in anything that you want to do. I’ll run to Costco and we can start practicing today…


Here are a few more images of this year’s event (I’d like to thank CNN for providing these images, as this event made front page this morning…) Enjoy!

The only ‘sport’ that has one ref per person. Yes, folks.. this is considered a ‘sport’. Sad, sad world…


This event sponsored by New York Sports Clubs (NYSC). The dude that ate 45 is like ‘Yo, check it! Fawty Five, beotch! See you at the shaw house, meet at the bawdwawk!’

Our champion, Joe Chestnut, with his ‘manager’ holding the championship belt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, USA!!


  1. I think I need a manager for my meals, as well.Especially if it involves them cooking FOR me.

    • Chris said:

      There you go! :) Hopefully said manager wouldn’t expect you to eat that much in ten minutes, but I hear yah!

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