How To Win a Ship On A Stick

That’s right. You know it.

My wife and I just got back from our first vacation sans kids. For those of you that know us personally, the tears of joy that you shed for us are greatly appreciated. :-)

We decided awhile back that we were going to go on our third Carnival cruise together. Nothing beats cruising around the Caribbean for a week, especially when it was our first real ‘break’ from the kiddos. Hell, Carnival could have handed us hair nets and put us on the Lido Deck  buffet, wrapping utensils in linen, and we’d still be jumping for joy. However, I was on a mission….

… I wanted to win a ‘Ship On A Stick’…. and I wasn’t leaving the vessel without one…

For those of you that have travelled on Carnival in the past, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who haven’t, The ‘Ship On A Stick’ is THE trophy to win on Carnival.

There are no substitutions.

The first two Carnival cruises, I came up empty. I would watch as others would take home the coveted piece of 24k gold painted plastic with a plastic name plate glued onto the base by only the finest glue that China had to offer. Winners would walk down the promenade, holding the plastic-wrapped trophy with pride while the rest of us peons, clearly undeserving of the honor, had to drown our sorrows with a drink from an overpriced commemorative cup as our trophy…

… but not this trip…

My wife and I scored four (yes, FOUR) Ship On A Stick trophies this trip. How did we do it? Listen close, Daniel-san (or, Danielle-san, for the ladies…)

1) Show up at a trivia game at the ‘right’ time – My wife and I attended a trivia game at 9AM. Guess what? WE WERE THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE THERE!! The topic? US History. Clearly we wouldn’t have won if even one retired couple showed up. Fortunately for us, Bridge was scheduled at the same time. Result? I edged out a victory over my wife, and I didn’t even answer half of the questions correctly. Boom. Ship On A Stick #1: Acquired.

2) Sudoku. Sudoku. Sudoku. – If there exists a game where the younger generation can squeak out a victory over the older generation, it’s Sudoku (especially when the older generation has been taking advantage of the drink special). My wife stormed through the Sudoku challenge, and here she is with Ship On A Stick #2.

Stay in school, kids…

3) If they have Scattergories, play it. – If you attend trivia, and there are retired couples sitting there, you can pretty much throw in the towel (unless the topic is Pop Culture). However, nothing is more entertaining than playing Scattergories. Why? Because, as you know, if you have the same answer as someone in Scattergories, they negate one another. Therefore, you are much more likely to win, either by coming up with really creative answers, or playing it easy in the hopes that others will all try to go over-the-top with their answers to score points. My wife and I had somewhat of a strategy; I’d try to torch the creative ones and negate their points, while she would hone in on the easy answers that nobody else would put down for fear that they would match. The result? Ship On A Stick #3 (which, my wife kindly donated to the second place team (to my dismay) because she said that we already had two Ship On A Stick trophies…

Lesson Learned: You can never have enough Ship On A Stick trophies.

4) Play any game around ‘happy hour’, but play it relatively sober - Why? Because nobody gives a crap about anything during happy hour. That’s when you swoop in and pick up the ‘hardware’….  ;-)

Now if I could somehow furnish one of these as a hood ornament for the minivan…






  1. *snicker* You really want to put one of those on your car? *snicker* :P

    • Chris said:

      Oh, come on! How much fun would that be? ;) hahah Thanks for stopping in!

      • You’re welcome and yeah people would definitely wonder why! Actually do that and send us a pic! :D

      • Chris said:

        Haha! Hmmm… I’ll think about it… would make a funny post..

  2. How does this post have no comments? Millions of good folks should be writing you just to congratulate you! And also to thank you for revealing your secrets… :)

    • Chris said:

      No problem! :) Sorry, I’ve been a touch slow on the uptake with approving comments. Good luck… I hope my info helps ;)

  3. I’m so jealous (not about the ships, by the way). The vacation. My husband and I are still vacationless. I love those kids, but right about now, I’d be happy to take a movie that doesn’t have animated characters or singing.

    • Chris said:

      Thanks for stopping back! :) It was, indeed, a great time. I hope that both of you get somewhat of a break soon, even if it’s for a short time… I’m sure both of you deserve it! ;)

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