How To Save the Economy This Holiday Season

Do the math...

As I watched scores of people storming Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and various shopping malls today to shop for their kids, family members, pets, and other various organisms, I came to a conclusion on how to solve our economic crisis…

Make Thanksgiving an ‘exercise’ holiday.

Let’s do the math on this. If, instead of pigging out on Thanksgiving, each of us lost one pound. We know that there will be an estimated 152,000,000 shoppers this weekend.

That’s 152,000,000 pounds lost.

If we divide 152,000,000 pounds lost by an average weight (say, 175 pounds), we could cram approximately 868,571 more people into the stores.

If each of the 868,571 ‘new’ people spent $500, we would be able to add $434,285,500 in shopping dollars back into the economy.

If those folks lost 10 pounds (all else equal), we would be able to add $4,342,855,000.

4.3 billion dollars…

… and we know that people (including myself) could stand to lose more than ten pounds…

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