Peg-Perego. Translation: Suckers!

First of all, I want to give a sincere ‘thank you’ to my wife’s cousin Laurie. She gave us her Peg-Perego after the twins were born, and it has been very, very helpful….

… especially in giving me a topic to blog about… ;-)

What I look like going out the door most mornings...

Other than the fact that the Peg-Perego Aria 50-50 can tote around twins (and ours was donated to us), it quite possibly will be the first baby product to kill a parent (i.e. me). Is it normal to have burning sensations in my scalp when trying to open a stroller? I didn’t think so. They advertise on their website that these double strollers ‘easily’ fit through ‘standard doorways’. Yes, it’s easy… if you have 30 extra minutes to properly align the wheels perfectly straight so that when you attempt to push the POS over the threshold, the rubber wheels don’t get stuck on the frame of the door. Most mornings, I’m pushing the twins, while carrying my work bag, the twins’ bottles, two diaper genie’s worth of shit, and our kitchen trash out the door, so the LAST thing I need is for a stroller seemingly named after a Starbucks latte to get jammed.¬†Of course, this makes for extra entertainment for my wife, as she watches beads of sweat drip down my face every morning after I’ve cleared the doorway. I aim to amuse.

Another thing that makes me want to take a flamethrower to this stroller are the hoods. Newsflash: They don’t cover a DAMN THING. Evidently, it’s never sunny or raining in Italy, because the hoods on this thing, on a good day, cover the top of the baby’s scalp. That’s it. To hell with the rest of the body. So, if it’s raining, you’re screwed. If it’s sunny? Helloooo UVA and UVB rays! Also, if you ever decide to go shopping with this thing, don’t bother. You’ll slip a disc trying to load or unload anything, because the storage area is ‘conveniently’ located so far under the babies that you might as well just put items on the floor and kick them to the checkout. Nothing says ‘convenient’ than my crack showing at the WalMart checkout line while digging for one of those air freshener trees at the bottom of the stroller.

As if this wasn’t enough to say ‘F it’ to Peg-Perego, the retail price (at one point) for this steaming pile was $350. Now, I am appreciative that we received this free of charge. But if I add up the cost of therapy, medication, and therapeutic massage needed to operate this failed Rube Goldberg machine, it adds up to a pretty penny!

Advice: When looking for strollers, be sure to go to a store to try out the functionality first. Make sure it’s what you want to push, load, unload, open, shut, carry things, safe for the kids, etc. Our Peg-Perego Aria 50-50 has about a 50-50 chance of getting hit with a sledgehammer after the twins start toddling, which would, at least, make for more entertainment for my wife. Like I said, I aim to amuse.

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